David Glover began his career at Windfall Films, where he produced documentary series such as The Tourist Trap. He then joined the Channel 4 commissioning team. As head of the Specialist Factual department at Channel 4, David commissioned shows such as The Murder Detectives, Live From Space, Gogglebox, Inside Nature’s Giants and The Plane Crash. 

David has worked with some of the world’s top scientific minds, commissioned much of Stephen Hawking’s television work, and was executive producer on Hawking, his autobiographical documentary. He produced the Emmy Award-winning series DNA, which told the story of DNA from discovery of the double helix, and included interviews with twelve Nobel Prize winners. 



Mark started his career in Television working in Sport. Formula One, Rugby Special and C4’s Italian Football coverage.

He then decided to move into documentaries and factual television, and headed up North One’s Factual Department. Developing and creating shows such as A Very British UFO Hoax, The Dead Body Squad and Guys and Dolls.

In 2008 Channel 4 asked Mark to run their Cutting Edge documentary strand. He commissioned over 20 films including, Katie: My Beautiful Face, We need to talk about Dad, and the BAFTA award winning The Murder Trial. He went onto commission series such as Educating Essex, Educating Yorkshire, and the BAFTA award winning Bedlam.

After 4 years in commissioning, he joined the highly regarded factual company Dragonfly. Mark became MD of Dragonfly continuing to oversee One Born Every Minute, whilst creating the hybrid documentary The Trial for C4, and the long running documentary series Ambulance for BBC1. In 2016, Mark teamed up with his old friend David Glover to form 72 Films. So far it’s been the most rewarding part of his career, despite him having to re write his own biography.

John Douglas is Head of Documentaries at 72 Films. He is a multi-award winning film maker who has made some of Britain’s biggest documentary series, including 24 Hours in Police Custody and 24 Hours in A&E.

John spent 15 years at the BBC where he directed many critically acclaimed films including for the BAFTA winning series Our War and Life and Death Row